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Every one of us was born with a body that experiences the world through sensations which may include pleasure, sensuality, and the erotic. However you define your own sexuality, our culture and society influence how we experience these particular types of pleasure. And sexual pleasure is just one of the many ways we experience our bodies, other people's bodies, and maybe even how we have orgasms.


This circle is a chance for you to look at and answer some key questions about how you experience and talk about sexual pleasure. When are you in the driver’s seat in your body acting out of your deepest desires? What is the pinnacle of sexual pleasure for you and your body? What are the ways that you talk about sex: with yourself, your friends, and your partner(s)? 


All comfort levels on the topic of sex welcome! From the shyest person who has never uttered the word “sex” in a group setting, to a frequent Folsom Street Fair goer! We invite all to share what they feel safe sharing about in the circle.  An important note: this circle will not be facilitated by a trauma specialist. The focus of this circle is on sexual pleasure. We’re aware that trauma has an impact in this area, but it won’t be the focus of this discussion.


**Join the Napa Women’s Circle on June 2nd to Talk About Sex, Baby**

Secure your space in the Circle by sending $10 - $20+ to or email to arrange a gift exchange. Please RSVP by Wednesday, June 1st to allow yourself time to process the questions for guided self-inquiry and explore the content we've selected on this topic. All attendees will receive guiding questions and links to these articles within 24 hours upon receipt of your PayPal transaction. 

Learn more about the sliding scale payment options here

Thursday, June 2nd

6:30 - 8:00 p.m. PST

On Le Zoom

All cis and trans women, as well as people outside the gender binary who are comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women welcomed

Previous 2022 Sharing Circles

January 2022 Sharing Circle (2).png

Thank you for joining us to explore how we use social media and who we are when we’re online. Jenna and Nicole asked us to dive into questions like…Can you ever be authentically you when there’s an audience? Why are you online? What are you hoping to get from that scroll? If you’re a single person living alone, do you use social media to stop yourself from disappearing? How do we decide what’s real and what’s just social media? And how do you consciously build the world you want to see online?

_2022 Sharing Circle Graphics.png

Thank you to Stephanie for bringing us together to discuss platonic intimacy, or as many of us know it, big friendship. Together we explored questions like...How do our expectations of lovers and friends differ? Who do we turn to when things get hard? Who do we prioritize when we have precious little time and energy to share? Can intimacy exist without sexual touch?

_2022 Sharing Circle Graphics (1).png

Thank you to Jenna for bringing us together to discuss heartbreak in its many forms. With great tenderness, bravery, and vulnerability, we explored questions like: Do we consider some losses more valid to grieve than others? Who do we turn to in our heartbreak? What has dominant culture taught us about heartbreak and healing? How do we push back against our internalized lessons around heartbreak to build a culture of care on personal and systemic levels?


Thank you to Jenna and Nicole for bringing us together to discuss perfectionism. Together we explored questions like: Where do we get messages about how we’re supposed to be in this world? Who sets that bar? What does it do to us to chase an ever-moving goalpost? Where do we reject perfectionism with ease and live deeply into good enough? What does a post-perfectionist world like in our relationships, in the workplace, and in our bodies? 

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**Please note: Circle discussions cannot serve as group therapy. If you would like help finding a mental health professional, please take a look at our Resources page.**

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