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You're invited to join the Napa Women's Circle for a Sharing Circle on *rest* developed by Jenna Sanders. 

Many of us think of rest as something we do as a response - to illness, injury, or a particularly stressful work week. Some of us know that rest is critical for our overall health and wellbeing, and we’ll totally get to it when we have time. But how many of us think about rest as a critical component of resistance and revolution? 


Living life going through the motions of working 40+ hours, in addition to providing childcare, domestic labor, and emotional labor disconnects us from the fullest expression of ourselves. It also leaves us too tired to question what’s driving the exhaustion and prevents us from having the mental bandwidth or physical energy to engage collectively and resist the systems that benefit from our burnout. 


What happens if we say no? What happens when we resist? When we take a sick day just because? What are the consequences of quitting Facebook or replying to a text message *gasp* days later? And for those of us with power and privilege, how are you shifting how you contribute to your community so that rest isn’t a luxury exclusively for the affluent and white?

Secure your space in the Circle by sending $10 - $20 to paypal.me/napawomenscircle or email Jenna@afierypeace.com to arrange a gift exchange. Please RSVP by Wednesday, June 2nd to allow yourself time to process the questions for guided self-inquiry and read the articles we've selected on this topic. All attendees will receive guiding questions and links to these articles upon receipt of your PayPal transaction. 

Learn more about the sliding scale payment options here

June 3rd

6:30 - 8:00 p.m. PST

On Le Zoom

All cis and trans women, as well as people outside the gender binary who are comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women welcomed

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Thanks for joining the Napa Women's Circle for a sharing circle dedicated to the ways we have been shaped by the spiritual, mental, emotional, and material hardships of 2020. We channeled the energy of the grit that becomes the pearl and the lotus that grows from muddy waters to explore the transformative power of difficult situations.

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Thank you to Stephanie Der for creating such an invigorating discussion around the topic of power. And thank you to all those who joined us on Thursday, February 4th. So much creative re-imagining of power as an infinite resource, power with rather than power over, and power-sharing in place of power hoarding.

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Thank you to everyone who attended our March sharing circle where we worked through the difficulties surrounding accountability and re-imagined accountability as a way to demonstrate love, strengthen relationships, and hold ourselves responsible for modeling the changes we wish to see in this world. 

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Thank you to Shanle Vandermeer for creating a thought-provoking Sharing Circle on the climate crisis. And thank you to all of you who arrived with an open mind and willingness to challenge how we traditionally look at environmentalism so we can learn how to be about it, not just do about it. 

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Thank you to Nicole Driscoll for creating a nourishing discussion on how the events of 2020 distorted our sense of time.  And thank you to everyone who joined us to look at how our perception of time has shifted and how we can imagine sharing time in a more equitable way as the U.S. begins to re-open.

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