Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Napa Women's Circle the right place for me? 

ABSOLUTELY! If you are are a cis or trans woman, or someone who identifies outside the gender binary who is comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women, we'd love to share a Circle with you. If you're all about introspection, self-discovery, sharing as part of a community, listening without judgment, and respecting the privacy of all who gather, come! Join us!


Is there a cost to participate?

Yes. Circles are offered on a sliding scale from $10 - $20. We believe healing in community must be accessible to everyone. Trade options are also available. 

What's a sliding scale?

Sliding Scale payments are a tool for equity-building and economic justice. The Napa Women's Circle uses a sliding scale to uphold our commitment to eliminating a cost barrier to community care. Wellness should never be the exclusive domain of the wealthy.


Please know that the only person who will ever know which sliding scale option you choose is our founder, Jenna Sanders. We value and respect your financial privacy.

How do I know which sliding scale option to choose?

$10 Seed Option for people who rent low-end properties or face housing insecurity, are unemployed or use government assistance, and have debt that prevents them from meeting their basic needs.
$20 Flower option for people who own their home or make their rent and utility payments with ease, have access to saving and often have expendable income.
$15 Sprout option for people who have housing stability, own or lease their car, buy some items new and some thrifted or used, with some debut but are still able to meet their basic needs.
Any dollar amount above $20 for people who are in a position of financial abundance and wish to extend their generosity in support of the Napa Women's Circle.
An Exchange of Gifts - attend a Circle in exchange for creating a themed playlist, by opening the Circle with the Brave Space poem and community agreements, lead gentle movement, meditaiton or a short dance party, provide a single card tarot reading, close the Circle with the gratitude ritual or any other gift you'd like to share.

Are the Sharing Circles equivalent to group therapy?

Though we consider our Sharing Circles to be healing in nature, these Circles are not run by licensed therapists and cannot serve as group therapy. If you are looking for professionally-trained mental health therapists, we recommend using our Resources page for assistance.