About the Circle

We are women in pursuit of wellness. Anyone who identifies as a woman or with the female experience who is age 18 or older, of any race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation is welcome. 

We are:

  • A sacred, safe, supportive community

  • Open-minded, nonjudgmental, respectful

  • Tellers of our own stories

  • A place to pursue wellness through introspection, self-exploration, education, sharing, listening, and learning

We are not, and cannot, serve as group therapy. Please visit our Resources page if you would like assistance in finding a mental health professional. 

Our Origin Story

The Napa Women's Circle began with a realization between two friends, Jenna Sanders and Alex Meraud. Women need a safe space where we can be fully seen and fully heard. A place where we can be all the layers of our personalities, not just mother, survivor, boss, caretaker.  


What began as an experiment on Jenna's living room floor soon became a community of compassionate, engaged, thoughtful, open, generous, and kind women united in our pursuit for emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. 

Scenes from the Circle

Jenna Sanders, Director & Co-Founder

Photo: Emma K. Morris

 Jenna is a local freelance writer who contributes to both the Napa Valley Register and the Napa Valley Marketplace. She served on the steering committee that brought the 2020 Women's March to Napa Valley and she volunteers her time as a community liaison supporting the Peer Support students at New Tech High School. 


Jenna is passionate about empowering women to step into their most authentic selves. She believes the ongoing pursuit of emotional and spiritual wellness is at the heart of a life well-lived. 

Her own struggles with trauma and mental illness have led her to seek integrated healing options that help to maintain her health as best as she is able. The last decade of her life has been dedicated to developing the spiritual, physical, emotional, nutritional, and social skills and tools necessary for her own health and stability.


She is firm in her belief that access to these skills and tools should be low-cost and widely accessible. The Napa Women’s Circle is the first stepping stone on her path to bringing greater access to affordable holistic wellness in Napa Valley.  

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Napa Valley, California

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