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The Napa Women's Circle is a brave space created to foster a sense of community and support each participant's unique healing journey. It is not meant to replace talk or group therapy. Participants are encouraged to arrive with an open mind, a willingness to share, and respect for the privacy of every person in the circle. In doing so, each one of us has the opportunity for self-discovery, connection, and growth. The Circle welcomes all cis and trans women, as well as people beyond the gender binary who are comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women

The Circle is a sober space.   

Our monthly Circles and  Feminist Book Club are currently held on Zoom. Circles are a group sharing space where everyone is invited to process their thoughts, stories, and experiences on a single subject. Circle discussions explore topics like challenges and changes, power, accountability, assertiveness, #MeToo, and cultivating happiness. Check our Upcoming Events for current Circle offerings.

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